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Open Source Customization

Overview Of Open Source Customization How will you achieve the preferred look and functionality for your site? For any layman, it will be a problem which appears unassailable until and unless he or she comes to the open source customization
The open source customization involves customizing open source’s content management systems (CMS) or the scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB, Mambo and Oscommerce, to adorn the site with your choice functionality and looks. However, a layman still cannot sail through the open source customization till he or she has a fine knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS.
OS CMS such as Joomla and WordPress are of great usage in a modern technology world. The WordPress forms the very popular blogging platform, as many people are hosting their blogs on this. With respect to other blog platforms, it’s relatively easier to organize and publish content on WordPress. Would like to upload your choice videos and photos for others to look at? WordPress permits these and even more. Many of the users now are using this platform to build their sites. Besides WordPress websites and blogs are more SEO-friendly and user-friendly?
Joomla is relatively harder; however, this award winning OS software lets you build a seamless site without messing with PHP, CSS or HTML. Another important benefit of with Joomla is that website developer has greater command on looks and feels of the site. Also one can seek a whole range of methods to view diverse parts of the websites. Like plug-in in WordPress, the Joomla offers a mass of components which can be downloaded free or for a small amount on the web.
Why you require customization of Joomla, customization of WordPress, or other CMS?
To attain feel and look of your website as in design files such as Photoshop .psd to get desired functionalities such as contact form, image slideshow, a navigation system to keep hold of all browser compatibility of your website. To enable websites with SEO friendly techniques and features, this improves CMS websites ranking in Google, MSN and yahoo. To ensure that websites display content continuous in all screen size.
How to customize WordPress and Joomla? Once you have WordPress and Joomla installed in the hosting account, what you require to search for is functionality part and design part. The Design part basically feels and look of the site. Most of CMS has the design files working discretely then that of programming. To tailor WordPress theme you must look for the themes folder and style sheet inside it. In the case of Joomla’s customization, however, you have to find the template files that print the contents on the screen with preferred font colors, list style, heading, and so on.
The clear question then is that what the requirement for customization is if such OS web-based software is so seamless and sound. The answer is as the many of the benefits which can be had using OS customization. If you wish to have an image slideshow or a contact form on the website, then open source customization will be the answer. It also offers browser compatibility for the website looks to be consistent in whichever browser it is seen. What is more the site shows content continuous in all the screen sizes? 
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